The Fanimania Manifesto (The Fanifesto)

Published MMXVII



SAPPHIRE, a Band Aide

(Backstage talking to Russell Hammond)


“They don't even know what it is to be a fan! To blindly love some silly piece of music... or some band so much that it hurts... please, they're all just after the money. Shoot (looks in their direction) Go rob a bank!  It's more honest!”


Almost Famous - Movie


Pop quiz!


Do you listen music? When and where? How often? Do you listen to lyrics? Do you own albums or just singles? Are you an owner or a streamer? Do you know the artists names? History, background? Can you separate their music from their lifestyles? Or do you believe their lifestyle makes up their musical art? How closely do you follow music? Do you wait for new material from a particular artist? Do you read reviews? Do you like live vs. recorded, both? Do you search out new music? Different genres or just a certain type? Do you attend concerts? Festivals? Do you visit the merchandise booth before or after the show? Do you have a radio in your car? Do you listen on your phone?


I hate to break it to you but you’re a music FAN.


In today’s world you’re your own music expert.., regardless of how many genres there are or posts in your feed... you always have your music. Who you listen to and what you like... and who you don’t.., that’s all that’s important, that’s the bands you’ll pay for...we sometimes forget that most of our music is there for a reason, our reasons. It lightens every part of our day, gets us through the tough times, and helps us grow memories. Name anything else that gives us so much in under 3 minutes… something we identify with so powerfully and we’re more irritable without.


This is why we created Power Chord TV, because we’re fans and music makes a difference to us. Because we all know how music affects us… that one song can be personal to each person who hears it. Every person gets to like the same piece of music in their own way and it means something special to them in only a way that is special to each of us.


Read that again… a simple song can reach every person on the planet AND can mean something personal to each and every person in their way. Tell me anything that can do that besides music?  Love it or hate it, music is the only art form that is instantaneous and generational, it’s right in the current moment or causes a lifetime of memories.  It’s the only thing that every one of us gets to value in our own way.


SO, at Power Chord we decided to get involved and share our personalities and our likes and dislikes. No music fan has a wrong opinion, whether you like a song or not… whether you like a band or not… fans make the rules. And PCTV celebrates the Music Fan in the Sapphire scene noted above: To blindly love some silly piece of music... or some band so much that it hurts…  PCTV will celebrate that silly piece of music and that band we love till it hurts.  Join us and celebrate us, the fans.

Power Chord TV isn’t just interviews. And it isn’t just performances. It’s all about the music you love and the artists who make that music. But we go deeper. We show you how music has made the world its family. We show you how all music is related and intertwined. And not just with itself. We show you how music is connected with each and every one of us. Music is not just the background to your life. It IS life! Whether you listen to rock, hip hop, country or classical, Power Chord TV is the thread that helps you appreciate why you love the music you love. In other words, you become the modern day musicologist!