About Us:


Keleon Studios, LLC

New York ♦ Los Angeles


Who we are and what we do:

We are an independent film, television, and music production and distribution based in New York City and Los Angeles. The company’s skilled team develops, produces and distributes commercially viable films, television shows, documentaries, concert and musical recordings with a longstanding involvement in co-productions and studio production services.


Company History:

In 2011, veteran musician, composer, film and television executive Brett Nemeroff joined securities and entertainment attorney Kenneth Merlo to establish Keleon Studios. Established as an independent production company Keleon leveraged its over 60 years of experience and industry contacts to ‘build a better mousetrap’ in the entertainment sector. 


Our Team:

The company’s highly skilled team develops, produces and distributes independent film, television and music content with high quality market oriented services and international. The team is dedicated to finance, produce, market and distribute our programing and our services in an ever changing and challenging global marketplace.

Brett Nemeroff, Founder -

Brett W. Nemeroff is a multi-talented creative professional whose background encompasses nearly all aspects of entertainment, from song writing and music production to producing, writing and directing narrative and documentary projects for wide domestic and international release. A gifted musician, film maker, television producer and storyteller, Nemeroff brings a strong creative vision and ability to balance story, visual elements and sound design to create award-winning, compelling, and entertaining film and video projects.


Brett brings his over 30 years’ experience to Keleon and enthusiastically brings his track record of specializing in producing content that connects all new and relevant artistic and commercial concepts to expose and build effective product/marketing/sales campaigns that build a loyal audience maximizing sales and awareness for all project opportunities.


Kenneth Merlo, Founder -

Attorney Ken Merlo, brings his energetic leadership as a hands on security and entertainment lawyer with an ability to implement strategic business plans for several start-up entertainment businesses. Ken as an effective advisor to Boards, Companies in the fashion industry possesses an exemplary management record in business turnarounds.


In addition, to a law degree and member of the NY and NJ bars, Ken earned a Laurie degree in Art History from the University of Florence (Italy) and a Bachelor of Arts earned at Vassar College (New York). 


Ken’s set of legal and business skills complements his partner’s entertainment experience.  Keleon adapts, improvises and overcomes an ever changing and ever competitive marketplace for consumption of entertainment content.


The Orchard and Keleon Studios a shared pedigree -

Keleon has entered into a non-exclusive distribution for Keleon’s music, film and television content (see over and signature page of distribution agreement)


The Orchard is a pio­neer­ing music, film and video dis­tri­b­u­tion com­pany oper­at­ing in more than 25 global mar­kets. The Orchard is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, continuing to operate independently within Sony.


With a holis­tic approach to sales and mar­ket­ing com­bined with industry-leading tech­nol­ogy and oper­a­tions, The Orchard ampli­fies reach and rev­enue across hun­dreds of dig­i­tal, phys­i­cal and mobile out­lets around the world. The Orchard stream­lines con­tent own­ers’ busi­ness com­plex­ity with an intu­itive client dash­board, com­pre­hen­sive rights man­age­ment and tai­lored client sup­port. Founded in 1997, The Orchard empow­ers busi­nesses and cre­ators in the enter­tain­ment industry.


Original Programming


  • Radio Program on Apple’s Yoo-Rock Network

  • Averaging 139,000 listeners per show

  • TV companion series in post-production




THE ROLLING STONES – Los Angeles, CA,                                                     

Visual Consultant for all promo & social media

  • Consults on promo & social media video projects

  • Scripted and directed CD Rom (The Voodoo Lounge) Produced live footage for The Rolling Stone’s Voodoo Lounge CD Rom



A television series featuring Jerry O’Connell, Peter Stormare, Krista Allen, Slash, Dwight Yoakum, The Eels, Jeff ‘Skunk” Baxter and Me Phi Me


Good JAMS (Just Add the Songs)

Good JAMS works with independent filmmakers and their partners (including Sundance Film Institute, Skoll Foundation, and Gates Foundation) in both narrative and documentary to create original music (and/or cover songs)

  • Assisted social engagement entities and non-profit organizations in enhancing their public identity

  • Helped create and utilize content to emphasize their message and increase donor impact

  • Developed on-going social engagement campaigns that connect all participants



An innovative comedy short with Armin Shimmerman, John Kassir



A Film with Mike Myers, Will Farrell, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Janeane Garafalo, Jason Priestley, Illeana Douglas



Executive Producer

  • 220 PBS Stations

  • 25 Million viewers - Nationwide  (1.8 rating per episode)

  • 24 of top 25 US Markets (Prime-Time)




Brett Nemeroff 646 245-7142

Ken Merlo 917 816-2144