February 27, 2019

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U2 & L.A. Guns

June 24, 2015

Have you ever noticed that whenever there is a serious discussion about music how hard rock and heavy metal are often left out? Unless, of course, the topic is...well...hard rock and/or heavy metal.


When was the last time you heard or read, U2, Coldplay, and L.A Guns used in the same sentence? My guess, except for that last sentence, the answer is never. Why? Why is “The Ballad of Jayne” less important than “With or Without You.” Or whatever song you want to pick from Coldplay. I couldn’t actually give you a title of a single name of a song that they sing.


Is it because L.A. Guns hit it big thanks to MTV? It can’t be, because so did U2. Is it because U2 and Coldplay are not from America? Because, Phil Lewis from L.A. Guns, is from England.


I’ve never understood. Why are the hard rock bands left out of the important discussions?


I may not like Coldplay, but that doesn’t mean I can’t put them in their historical place.


I like U2, I don’t LOVE them, I respect what they do. I just don’t understand why a band like L.A. Guns can’t be talked about in the same conversation.

Is it because of what the bands are trying to say? I picked 3 songs at random and copy and pasted a verse from each. Which is more poignant? Which has more social impact?  Can you even pick out which verse is from which band?


You know you're chewing bubblegum
You know what that is but you still want some
You just can't get enough
Of that lovie, dovie stuff


Turquoise dragons slip and slide
Sliding down my back
I'm standing on this cold, thin ice
And I'm about to crack


Come out of the things unsaid
Shoot an apple off my head and a
Trouble that can't be named
A tiger's waiting to be tamed, singing


One of the many reasons I started Power Chord is to show that the bands I love are as relevant and important as the bands everyone else is telling are relevant and important. I’m not here to trash Coldplay or any other band. I am here to tell you that bands like L.A. Guns do have their place in the conversation and should not just relegated to some specialty show. Welcome to Power Chord.


P.S. The lyrics above are from U2, L.A Guns, and Coldplay in that order.

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