Let The Fans Be Fans

While I was High School and the years after I hung out with my three good friends, Rocky, Dan, and Tim. Dan, Tim and I all graduated together from Huntington Beach High School. Rocky, also graduated from HBHS but a couple of years before us making him two years older than us, a fact we never let him forget. We were seemingly always together, maybe not all four at once but if I was having an In and Out Burger with Dan, Rocky was with Tim at Tower Records and so on and so forth.

We had three big interests, sports, girls, and music. Now that I think about it, Rocky and I were both Los Angeles Kings hockey fans, but other than that I don’t think the four of us had a common team we liked in any sport. That made for good needling and fun. I do remember Tim was a Quebec Nordiques fan and we went to a Kings/ Nordiques game and almost had to fight an entire of section of irritated Kings fans…good times.

The pursuit of girls was a constant. The three of us never fought over the same girl. Which was quite a feat. The only time it was ever an issue was when Dan took my sister to a concert. Rocky and I waited up for them to come home like silly parents. I’m pretty sure my mom and dad had gone to bed before 10pm.

I’m very happy to report that Rocky, Dan and Tim are all married very happily to the last dates they went on. A fact they never let me forget, since I am still looking for that last date.

The real super glue to our lifelong friendship has always been our combined love of music. The long conversations, the hundreds of concerts, and the many neighbors we kept awake with our loud stereos.

We were super fans. If we liked a band we had to know all we could know about them. Music magazines, radio and MTV is where we could get the news we craved about our heroes.

One of our favorite discussions was: Put together the ultimate band singer, guitarists, bass, and drums. Each of us would put their imaginary bands together. This topic would come up every few months and the band members would change depending on what each of us was listening to. It would go something like this:

“Ok Rock, name your band.” I would say while sitting in traffic in his truck on the 405 freeway.

He would rattle off Tommy Aldridge on drums, Rudy Sarzo on bass, Eddie Van Halen and Yngwie J Malmsteen on guitars with Sammy Hagar on vocals.

I’d counter with Neil Peart on Drums, Geddy Lee on bass, Neal Schon and Joe Satriani on guitar with Ronnie James Dio as my singer.

These guys and more were our rock stars and our heroes. I’ve been in the music business for over a quarter of century and feel I’m pretty knowledgeable on the rock genre, but sadly I don’t think I could play this game. Right or wrong the bands are good but the rock stars are disappearing. I love a band like Shinedown but I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head who their bass player is. But I can sure as shit tell you who the drummer for Autograph was.

This is the inspiration for Power Chord, let the fans be fans. I’m not saying in order to be fan you need to know all the member past and present of Korn but to have the excitement of hearing that new song from your favorite band or the discovery of finding a new band that you really like and telling all your friends about it. We want to help find what you like and what you love.

The traditional ways of finding out are all but gone. MTV doesn’t play music videos. Rock radio stations are either playing Classic Rock or the new rock stations play the same 20 current songs over and over. YouTube, Spotify, and the like are convenient but there is so much to sift through and I find it very sterile and impersonal. The music is out there waiting for us to find it. We at Power Chord hope to be your guide, not to tell you what you should like but give you the option to see if you like it or not. If not, we can show you another path to try.

So Power Chord is dedicated to Rocky, Dan, and Tim and all our times playing air guitar and the money we spent at the record store. Thanks guys for setting me on this path. Now do you have any single friends?