Dee Jay Jaxon

Being a parent, you have to make some tough decisions about your kid’s entertainment. For me it was, in the early days, making sure he never saw anything about that annoying purple dinosaur. I admit it, it was selfish, but that thing can drive you insane. “ I love you. You love me. AAAAHHHH!!” I dodged the bullet with that one.

Another one, that I spent a lot of time pondering, was whether to show him Star Wars. Of course he was always going to see the movies, but it what order. The way they came out, or starting with Episode One the way George Lucas wanted them to be seen. We ended up episodes 4-6 then 1-3. His favorite was Empire Strikes Back. Love that kid!!

From the moment we met, on his birth day, he’s been listening to my music. So before he could speak he was listening to KISS, Journey, Queensryche, and on and on. He’s rocked out with me from the car seat, to the back seat, to now the front seat.

It’s great that he likes a lot of the same bands I like. He’s an Alice Cooper fanatic. How cool is that? I have a little over 3000 songs on my phone. For a while I’d play him songs from different bands. Letting him hear bands that are old and new. While he loves Pop Evil he thinks Volbeat sounds silly. He thinks Sammy Hagar has a cool voice, but The Red Hot Chili Peppers are just weird.

The other day, we were talking about music I was listening to when I was his age. I played him Foreigner’s Double Vision. That was my first record. He said he liked it. About a year ago, I started letting him play DJ when we’re on the road. Later in the day we headed out, we plugged in the phone, and the first song he picked was Double Vision! He’s got his favorites, but he will find new (to him) songs to listen to about once a trip.

As much as I like the fact he likes a lot of my music, I want him to have his music. He’s got my iTunes password and I put some money on there. I told him if he finds a band or a song he likes, to get it and we can listen to it. So far he’s bought songs from Sixx AM, Black Veil Brides, and Fall Out Boy. I have to say I’ve liked all the songs he’s bought. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing what else he finds. Makes a papa proud.

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