A Twist In The Story

Music is the soundtrack of our lives. Is it not? More than likely, if I give you a song, it will take you back to a certain time and place. What memory conjures up if I mention Stairway to Heaven?

We all have songs, our songs. Tunes we work out to, songs we dance to, and songs for inspiration, ones we listen to when we’re happy and sad. Couples have their songs. They dance to it at their weddings. They sing it (usually very badly) at karaoke.

We has humans, whether we want to admit it or not, crave one emotion, love. We want to be loved and we want to love. So it’s no surprise a majority of songs are about...you guessed it, love. Love songs come in all shapes and sizes, want to find love, found love, lost love, got love back and of course everlasting love. They are relatable. Everyone has experienced it or wants to. It’s a much easier sell than the songs of the buffalo herder.

I too, have my songs for all sorts of things. My inspiration song for example is, “Right Now” from Van Halen. I also have a song that I’ve always kept for myself. It has meaning for me and its always been there for me. It was never a hit song you’d hear on the radio. It’s not even on this bands most popular album. Once you see the open for Power Chord TV you’ll know what it is and why so I won’t spoil it for you here.

The music I love has always been like a best friend to me. It’s been there in good times and bad. I’ve always let music lead the way. It may be weird but if I have a decision to make. I put on headphones hit shuffle and try to listen to what the universe is trying to tell me through the lyrics of random songs. Hey it works for me.

Recently, my old friend let me down or more accurately I misinterpreted what it was trying to tell me. I met this woman at the gym. We talked and laughed for a few weeks and finally I worked up the courage to ask her out. She said yes. We had a very nice first date. Nothing outlandish, just dinner. The food was good the conversation was better. We made plans for a second date. This one was magical. Dinner once again, but this time on the beach, a sunset swim. In short, it was almost a perfect night. After it got dark, neither of us wanted the night to end so we sat in her car to talk and stuff. Keep your mind out of the gutter.

She asked if I wanted to listen to some music. I said yes and was curious what she was going to put on. What radio station format did she listen to or what CD’s she had in the car. It was the CD she chose to play and it blew me away. Not only was it my favorite record of all time but it was cued up on track 6. MY SONG!!! The almost perfect night was now beyond perfect. When we finally went our separate ways, my mind, my heart, my emotions were reeling. This could only mean one thing, right?

At the start of any new relationship, its like a clean slate. It’s a chance to begin new take what you have learned and apply it. I did just that. I was the best me I could be. We were happy. I had a perpetual stupid grin on my face for months.

No relationship is perfect, but any potential red flags that came up I dismissed because of the song. It was meant to be. It could be worked through. My song had become our song. I gave to us freely. I had guarded it for so long as mine. Nobody could have it but me. The song brought us together and it could be the glue to keep us together.

One morning bad news rained on our parade. It was significant, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome. Over time though, it lead to something else which lead to something else. I still felt the same way but she drifted away agonizingly slowly. She tried to find her way back but she didn’t love me the way I loved her. Maybe she never did.

Now, I can’t go back to my song for comfort to let me know that everything will be alright. I thought my song was telling me on that perfect night at the beach, I had found my happily ever after. Maybe it was just testing me to see if it was truly my song and my song only.

The story of my life has taken a new twist and song on the soundtrack now has a new and different meaning. My present and future has now become the past. What does it mean? What have I learned? Time to put on the headphones again.