Bond, James Bond

James Bond is back! I couldn’t be happier. My grandfather introduced me to 007 when I was 0011. Everything about the movies and the books intrigued me. I am the farthest thing from a “car guy”, but something stirs inside me every time I see an Aston Martin, Bond’s car of choice.

Whenever a new Bond movie comes out, there are always the same questions: Who's going to play the ‘Bond girls?” What cool gadgets will Q come up with? And who will be doing the theme song?

Since the second movie, the credits roll at the beginning of the movie with the theme song playing. Really, it was one of the first music videos. A few of the songs became huge hits. "Live and Let Die" from Paul McCartney and Wings, "Skyfall" from Adele, and "Nobody Does it Better" from Carly Simon.

A couple of the songs from the Daniel Craig era have been pretty good but overlooked. "Know My Name" from Chris Cornell was from the first of the Craig movies, Casino Royale. It’s a really great straight ahead rock song. The next movie was Quantum of Solace and the theme song was the first duet in the franchise's history. Jack White and Alicia Keys did the honors. As the two artists would suggest, the song was a mash up of R&B and rock. A majority of people didn’t get it, personally I think it’s got a really great sound.

The new movie Spectre is out. I went out to see it immediately. For Skyfall, the Adele song was everywhere for a few weeks leading up to the film. However, I hadn’t heard anything about Spectre's theme song. The movie has an incredible looking and sounding open. All the Bond hallmarks great action and beautiful women. Then comes the transition to the song. There’s all the crazy images with the credits rolling and underneath it all is Sam Smith. The song is, well, awful!!! Like Man with the Golden Gun awful. The song is called "Writing’s On the Wall". It would have been a whole lot better if he had just wrote the lyrics on the wall and left it at that.

It starts with 60’s sounding Bond horns then drops into a piano and strings with him singing. First of all he sounds bored out of his mind. Then he goes to a falsetto that is just south of fingernails on a chalkboard. James Bond has lived through being tortured in many different ways. If you want to get him to talk just play him this song over and over.

It’s really too bad because Daniel Craig is great as Bond, Monica Bellucci and Lea Seyduex are smart and sexy “Bond girls” and Chrstoph Waltz is one of the best Bond villains. Bond needs to take his license to kill and use it on the theme song.