Super Bowl 50

One of America’s favorite past times during football season is to play "monday morning quarterback". If your team lost, you get to commiserate with your fellow fans about the game or call sports talk radio and complain. You can go on social media and ask the important questions like, "why the coach didn’t go for it on fourth on 15 from their own 11 yard line?"

Now that Super Bowl 50 has come and gone it’s time to play our version of "MMQB". I could go on about how overwhelmed the Panthers looked and how Peyton Manning got his second Super Bowl ring in spite of how he played but instead I’m going to second guess the NFL and what their idea of a halftime show is.

It was the 50th Super Bowl and everything leading up to the game, starting at the end of last year’s game was a look back on how great the NFL is. It owns a day of the week in this country. If you think about it they took it away from God itself. It’s the biggest sport in this country and the Super Bowl is the most watched show on television every year. It’s also become the biggest music event of the year. Who’s going to sing the national anthem? Who will do the halftime show?

Lady Gaga sang the anthem. She, in a word, KILLED it! She managed to sing it with reverence and put her own stamp on it. I have to admit it, I’m becoming a fan. She knows how to put on a show and knows how to make herself larger than life. Most importantly she has the talent to back it up. She’s also is not a bad actress. I found myself watching American Horror Story this year because of her performance.

Halftime was a much different story, maybe even more of an american horror story. Coldplay, was the “headliner.” All the hype leading up to the game was that Coldplay was the band. Then Bruno Mars and Beyonce were thrown in after. I’m a big sports fan and music is what I do for a living. Where was the hype for this? Was it supposed to be a surprise? Did I just miss it?

Let’s start with Coldplay. We’ve established this is the 50th anniversary of the biggest thing in America and we celebrate it with a band from, England? Huh? I will preface by saying that I’m not a fan of the band. But still, from England? My problem with Coldplay is, that they cheat to get their hits. What I mean by this is, the songs I’ve heard all have a big Whoa Whoa singalong chorus in them. Which is fine for a song, or maybe two, ok, or possibly 3. Every song though? Come on. They did their 2 songs with the crowd Whoa Whoa-ing with them.

All of a sudden here comes Bruno Mars and his posse. Wait, didn’t he just play halftime at the Super Bowl? What is he the house band now? He’s a talented singer and dancer, although I felt like I was watching Morris Day and the Time in Purple Rain. He does his number and then we’re whisked down to the field where Beyonce and her girls, in heels, are tearing up the already bad turf of Levi’s Stadium. Could you imagine if Cam Newton had torn an ACL because his foot got caught in dancer number 3’s divot? Oh and didn’t Beyonce just do halftime not that long ago? The Bruno and Beyonce gangs have now taken over Coldplay’s stage. Also, is it just me or did B&B not look like Michael and Janet Jackson impersonators?

When they did let Coldplay back on stage, it was just awkward. Chris Martin was ducking down to not tower over Bruno Mars, who is well over four feet tall. Or was he doing it so he wouldn’t have to move as much. He looked like Cam Newton against the Denver defense, in trying to dance with those two.

What would have I done differently if I was in charge of the halftime show? It’s okay to complain but not if you don’t have another solution. Here’s mine:

First the game was being played at the San Francisco 49ers stadium. San Francisco has one of the richest histories in music, period. I purpose a medley of bands and artists from the bay area. It would fit the 30 minutes allowed. It would be fresh, entertaining, and American!!

Start with Tony Bennett doing I Left My Heart in San Francisco. You want to liven it up a bit have him do it with Lady Gaga. They’ve recorded and done commercials together and well…she was already there!

Follow that up with the surviving members of the Grateful Dead and the Jefferson Airplane/Starship. The Steve Miller band could do "The Joker" or "Fly Like an Eagle".

A quick change to Green Day. They’re on Broadway now, so they can do this easy. Then Metallica. Again, they were already there. They played the night before. I know technically they’re not from San Francisco but most people equate them to them being from there.

Carlos Santana (who actually had a very small part already) could jam with Neal Schon. For the grand finale have Journey reunite with Steve Perry to do "Don’t Stop Believin’". You know it was played at the stadium at least once during the game!

Well... like the other 31 NFL teams say, “Maybe next year”.

Although I’m sure it will be either Taylor Swift or Adele being interrupted by Bruno Mars and Beyonce doing their newest version of West Side Story.

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