The other day, Power Chord TV’s excutive producer posted an article on Facebook about Steve Perry working on a new solo record. Last year was the first time in 19 years he had sung on stage. He did three encore performances with a band called Eels. He looked and sounded great. He doesn’t look like he did in the 70’s or even the 80’s. His voice isn’t as powerful or versatile as it was back then. Yet, you can say that about 99.9% of all humans and singers. It’s just a fact of life. That being said, I hope I look and sound half as good as he does when I reach his age.

This news made me very happy. I’m a HUGE fan. I have been ever since I heard him hit a note during the song “Sweet and Simple” off the Evolution album. My life changed from that moment on.

I realize not everyone is as much of a fan of his and of Journey as I am. That is all good. I hope you too have a band that changed your life. A band that you love. A musician you can call your guy or girl. I may not like them, but that’s cool. I get what they mean to you because I have mine.

My favorite thing about Power Chord and what we are trying to create with the television and radio shows, are the conversations about music. Getting back to when it was fun to be a fan of a band or genre. I love heavy metal and hard rock but I also like a Steve Perry ballad. You may love EDM but also have a soft spot for Rod Stewart. You get what I’m trying to say here.

Not long after the Steve Perry article was posted, we got a bunch of likes and positive comments. Then this one came across from Brian.

”A little to late Sherri! U aren't relivent, and haven't been since 1983! There's thousands of copy cats who are better then you, just stop trying to get back what U through away! Let it go , for the love of God ! Journey was better before u joined and better after to ran away and quit!”

Brian is completely entitled to his opinion. I’m glad he felt passionate enough to make the effort to respond. But there is one word in his rant (spelled wrong) that I’d like to talk about here. That word is relevant.

I hear this word thrown around a lot when it comes to music. What or who is relevant?

Here’s the Webster’s definition of the word: "Having significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand"

So I again ask, who or what in music is relevant?

Is it Adele? She sells a lot of records. Is it Taylor Swift? Her mug is everywhere. Is it Bruno Mars or Alabama Shakes? They both just won Grammys.

Not to me. I’m not a fan nor do I own any of their music. So they have no significant and demonstrable bearing for me.

If I decide to listen to Kik Tracee today at the gym doesn’t that make them relevant to me? I’m going to see Buchcherry next week, that makes them very relevant to my Thursday night.

So can we please stop with the use of the high and mighty word, relevant?

It’s a crutch for people to dismiss what they don’t like. I have my opinions on music. I feel strongly about them, and you’re probably not going to change my mind on them. I do, however, welcome the debate. During the TV and radio shows I will give you a whole slew of my opinions. Some you’ll agree with and some you won’t. Hopefully with others you’ll be inspired to look further into something you don’t have your own feelings on.

Through the magic of the internet and social media, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts are on bands, artists, and genres. I truly want to hear what you have to say.



Journey was not better before or after he was in the band. Yes there are many copy cats but that’s all they are. There is no substitute for the real thing. STEVE PERRY RULES!!!