Brian Johnson

My neighbor got some bad news from the doctor. He was told he had to stop working or he would lose his hearing for good. My neighbor is Brian Johnson from AC/DC. We live in the same city. I’m sure he has many homes but he does like this little town and is seen around quite often.

It has been reported that the band would continue on, with the final ten shows of their Rock or Bust Tour with a guest vocalist. I’m sure this is not going to be a Mark Walhberg in Rockstar moment for some unknown. Pretty much any vocalist on the planet would give their left vocal cord for the chance to play ten shows with AC/DC. Should they do that though?

It might be a cool thing to be able to say, “I saw AC/DC with, fill in the blank, singing.” I’m not so sure I’d pay full price for that though.

It would be fun to start a pool on who they would get to guest on these shows. Who could do it? A big name rock star? A big name pop star? A woman? I’ll call my shot and say…hmmm…Sebastian Bach. He’s available. He knows the words to almost every rock song ever recorded, and he’s fit enough to lug Angus on his shoulders.

Personally, I don’t think they should carry on with a guest vocalist. Brian Johnson has done something no other singer has done in the history of rock. He took over for a world famous, at the time, band and took them even higher. They are arguably bigger now than ever. They just played in a packed Dodger Stadium a few months ago.

Iron Maiden is infinitely more popular now than they were before Bruce Dickenson was their singer. However, Maiden wasn’t a household name before he got there. Sammy Hagar kept Van Halen at the top of their game. Ronnie James Dio put out two legendary records with Black Sabbath. Brian Johnson and AC/DC have continued on for 36 years.

He has fronted that band with his workman style and funny quips. He and Angus play perfectly off each other. I’ve seen every tour but one since "For Those About To Rock". Every show, is worth every penny. A lot of the reason is Johnson. He is a very underrated front man. He doesn’t twirl swords or go on long rants, he just goes out and kicks your ass every single night.

He’s also one of the best guys in all of rock.

Before we got started with Power Chord, I owned a rehearsal studio. Brian and Cliff Williams were getting a little bored waiting for Angus to be ready to do a new AC/DC album and tour. So they decided to go out and play some shows for charity. For two weeks they rehearsed at my place. They both couldn’t have been nicer. While the band was working on some song. Brian and I would sit, eating apple empanadas from Taco Bell (he was quite addicted to them at the time) and he’d tell me stories of racing cars or being out on tour. In a word it was AWESOME. The man can curse better than anyone I’ve ever heard. It’s just part of his way of speaking. One afternoon I had my son with me. He was only 4 or 5 then. Brian spent 15 minutes with him and never swore once. I was duly impressed.

Brian Johnson’s first record with AC/DC is the biggest selling rock record of all time. It’s not even close. Zeppelin’s biggest seller sold 13 million less than Back in Black. Sgt. Pepper’s from the Beatles, 18 million short.

One of the makeup dates is a show I was going to. If there is a guest singer, I think I’ll pass. Get better soon neighbor, I’ll see you around town.