New Discovery

I have a lot of music. I have music on my computer, on my phone, on vinyl, on CD, on cassettes. I even have a few songs on reel to reel tape! I had much more at one time. Like 3000 vinyl albums that got lost in one of my many relocations. That’s one missing possession that gnaws at me in the middle of the night.

Recently, I bought a contraption that allows me to record cassettes and records to CD. My thought process is, record the albums and cassettes to CDs so I have a hard copy. Then put them up on my iTunes. Since vinyl is all the rage now. A half a dozen record stores have popped up in my area. While I’ll never go back and get my 3000 replaced, I do go and buy some cool things that I find. First listen through I record it to CD. This may sound cumbersome and a time suck, but it works for me. Plus I have music playing in the house again which had been relegated to the car or the gym for the better part of a decade.

I have a love for live music. I used to record shows like the King Biscuit Flower Hour off the radio. I’m always looking for that high of the live concert. I used to blast those recording in my ’77 Camero while driving on the 405 and pretend to be the lead singer, or play a mean lead guitar on my steering wheel. I’ve found some great live shows from Journey, KISS, Bon Jovi, Michael Monroe, and Skid Row to name a few.

In sifting through my boxes of cassettes I’ve found more than a few that are still sealed. Never listened to. These were promos sent to the radio station. Most of these were from bands everyone knows like, Metallica, Kix, and Iron Maiden, etc. If I already had that CD it goes straight in the trade in pile to take to one of my new favorite record stores. If I didn’t have it, that becomes my music for the morning, while I record to disc. I still can’t believe I didn’t have a copy of Powerslave. That was a fun Wednesday morning, let me tell you.

This very morning I pulled out a cassette from a band I had never heard before. I’ve seen the cover but never listened to the band. Sometimes you have to live through 40 minutes of clunkers before you can get to the gold. I unwrap the tape put it in the player. Load up the CDR, push play and record and head to the kitchen to make breakfast.

As I pour my almond milk on my cereal, I hear cool guitars and drums. Maybe this won’t be so bad after all. Then the vocals. WHAT IS THIS? WHO IS THIS? Female lead singer with a powerful almost raspy voice. I take my bowl into where the stereo is and listen to the whole song. My granola getting soggy. Ok, maybe that was the single and I just had never heard it before. Let’s see what song 2 has for me. Again, floored.

I’m simultaneously, pissed and ecstatic. Mad, because how could I not know anything about this band. Happy because I’m discovering for the first time, which is right up there with the best things in life. Before I know it side one of the tape is over. I haven’t touched my, what is now paste in my bowl. Once I start the recording process, there’s only one thing to do…Google.

I type in Baby Animals. The first thing I get is pigs, seals, puppies, and pandas. NO, NO, NO. I add the word band to the end and up comes the cover of the cassette I’m looking at. Turns out they are from Australia. The lead singers name is Suze DeMarchi. She was married to Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme. Palm to forehead, how have I not heard of this? They have three more albums. Suze DeMarchi has solo stuff too.

With the cassette done and recorded. I see a link Baby Animals and Van Halen. WHAT? I click. This is the truly weird part. Baby Animals are releasing a new record of B-Sides and their live set when they opened for Van Halen. It comes out next week. WTF!!! I do love it when the universe is trying to show me something and I actually see it. As soon as I finish writing this I have to spend about two hours in the car. Now not only do I have the new Sixx A.M. to listen to but a second run through of the Baby Animals debut. Thank you Suze DeMarchi and the rest of the band for quite a good morning.