My Time at FYF Fest

I have to start off by saying how much music festivals give me anxiety. I want to see the bands but the people make me nervous. Everyone is so intense and has to push their way up to the front. I get it, I want to be as close as I can for artists I’m really excited to see too. But sometimes it gets to be a little much for me, to the point where the experience is not as enjoyable as I first imagined it would be. Once I saw the lineup for FYF Fest though, I knew I had to push all of my anxiety aside because this was something I didn’t want to miss. I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to be able to attend because of a possible prior engagement, but luckily, at the last minute it fell through (like I was hoping it would) and I was able to get a pass for Saturday and Sunday. In my opinion those were the best days, filled with tons of amazing artists I had to see. As far as lineups go, this was pretty great. Including both well known artists like MGMT, Built To Spill, Iggy Pop and Nine Inch Nails and also up-and-comers, like Chicano Batman and Mura Masa. Diverse as hell.

​​This being my first time attending FYF, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve been to Coachella a few times, and to be honest, this was like a mini Coachella, but in the city. For me, my expectations of the festival were met. I got to see a ton of artists I was excited about, some for the first time, and others for my 2nd or 3rd. Plus I got to see A Tribe Called Quest’s last show in LA, that, might I add, was one of the best performances I have ever witnessed (RIP Phife Dawg). Back to my anxiety with music festivals. The anxiety was definitely real on Saturday. That was a pretty big day for me, especially later in the evening. I was with friends and everyone had to be close to the stage, so who am I to deny their desire? It was worth it for ATCQ and Frank Ocean, though. Sunday however, was a completely different experience for me. Day three of the fest I went by myself and was there all day casually going to everyone I wanted to see, and honestly, that’s the best way to do it. I didn’t have to worry about what anyone else wanted to do, and because I am one, singular person, I could make my way pretty close, or chill back and relax. No need to plan a strategy, just go with the flow.

Whether you are a fan of festivals, particular artists performing, or enjoy people-watching (which is a bonus for me), I think everyone can find something enjoyable at FYF Fest. And with the lineup alone, I think it gives all the different types of fans the opportunity to see who and what they want, which makes it that much more enjoyable for everybody. One benefit of festivals is that you may find yourself liking an act you wouldn’t have otherwise thought to see.

That’s my experience, but what about you? Do you like to kick back and relax at festivals, or are you the type of fan who pushes your way to the front?

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