6 Underrated Doors Songs That Deserve Another Listen

1. Song: “Take It As It Comes”

Album: The Doors

Why: Once incorporated into the early greatest hits compilation, this song has apparently fallen from favor and is rarely featured or discussed. It’s poppy, psychedelic, and has a sinister quality lurking within Ray’s playing.

2. Song: “Unhappy Girl”

Album: Strange Days

Why: This trippy little tune contains all the trademarks of The Doors during the height of their psychedelic years. A love song laden with dark imagery, it lives up to its album’s title.

3. Song: “Yes, The River Knows”

Album: Waiting for the Sun

Why: Were the lyrics not so Doors-centric, with lines like “mystic, heated wine,” one can imagine Sinatra lending his talents to the tune.

4. Song: “Easy Ride”

Album: The Soft Parade

Why: It’s just a really fun, simple track that lacks that jazz-heavy or over-produced sound found on the rest of the album.

5. Song: “Blue Sunday”

Album: Morrison Hotel

Why: The love-stricken lyrics and sweet instrumentals contrast but compliment the melancholy of Morrison’s vocals making it one of The Doors more unique songs.

6. Song: “Hyacinth House”

Album: LA Woman

Why: The album version is a slow, plodding tune with heavy focus on Jim’s hardened voice that’s ripe for cracking open a cold one with the boys. It comes highly recommended that you listen to the demo version. This stripped down version gives layers to his haunting and pained vocals that seem to foreshadow his oncoming demise.

If there’s a song you think should’ve made the list, we’d like to know!

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