VIDEO PREMIERE: Big Kettle Drum's "Bring That Love to Me"

In support of their new record I Thought You'd Be Bigger, Big Kettle Drum debuts "Bring That Love to Me" video exclusively on Power Chord TV.

Big Kettle Drum has always been that band that everyone has told you to see. After playing nearly 1,000 shows across America and England, JT Keel and Brant Menswar have grinded it out relentlessly (pulling their homemade trailer behind their Kia Soul) just to perform for intrigued friends and long-time fans.

Their new video proves that. An accidental hodgepodge of video clips of test shots for their upcoming video shoot that upon re-watching made them realize that they had everything they needed to give them a perfect supplement to their already DIY, down-home style of honesty and authenticity.

"The video was a nice little DIY project. The funny part is that we had recorded pieces of it live, and when we went in to look at the footage, it turns out that we had played the song to the actual tempo of the recording. Our lips synced to the song perfectly," says Brant Menswar.

"We're really excited about this record. It's our first more bluesy record, and we really embraced it. With the horns and all kinds of people playing. It gives the album the kind of credibility that we needed to have," added JT Keel.

If you want to see a band that has no problem playing until the guitars are out of tune, the strings are breaking, and the salad bowl kick drum gets another dent in it, this is definitely a band you don't want to miss out on.

Enjoy the video for "Bring That Love to Me", pick up their new record I Thought You'd Be Bigger (Produced by Carla Olson, available now), or see them live on tour. All info available at